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Communication between humans and dogs

A dog does not think like us humans. Logical thinking is alien to him. Not he, but man has to go into his world of learning, pick him up where he is! It is you who must understand the dog. Your knowledge, the observation of your dog and the experiences you make with it will help you. Because humans communicate through language, dogs through their behavior. The most important thing in living with your dog is:

  • Understanding and security
  • Patience and concentration
  • Motivation and praise

Dog language - How does the dog communicate with humans?

Emotions can be expressed through a particular behavior or reaction. Both single as well as added behaviors can occur. As a skip, he tries to reduce the stress by behaviors like yawning, barking or licking. But behaviors can mean other things as well.

How does the human communicate with the dog?

Voice:A calm and friendly voice is best. She gives the dog security. The quieter commands, praise and blame, the better he will understand and deepen his bond with his man. If he is not supposed to do something, usually a faint grumble or "fie" is enough. If he stops, immediately join in a praise! Always show the dog that what you are doing right now, I do not want to, but as soon as it stops, show him that what he is doing is getting her approval. Never yell at your dog! You should use a loud voice only at a great distance, just as loud as a whistle - then your dog hears his commands at the same volume as he hears them when he is close to you and you speak softly. Feelings such as anger, incomprehension, impatience, anger are not part of the dealings with a dog.

commands:A commando is what we humans teach the dogs, for example, a VITA dog knows when to say "DOOR" to open the door. The dog learns through positive or negative reinforcement. He learns by linking specific and recurring situations (whenever he chatters with the food bowl he gets his food, quickly the sound alone will signal to him that there is equal feed), and he learns by following the behavior of other dogs observed. Important: Resolving the commands is necessary, otherwise the dog decides how long he will sit, for example. A dog learns best through motivation and praise. Through the "sensitization" that is used in the VITA training, dogs are open to many things and can implement very quickly what their human wants of him.

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