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Dog diet in overweight

Stop overweight in the dog:

According to recent studies, about 45% of dogs in Germany suffer from obesity with all the resulting consequences. Every dog ​​owner wants only the best for their pet, but the realistic assessment of whether a dog is overweight is often difficult. With the right dog diet plan and special diet dog food you can help your pet in a healthy way and without losing weight. Learn more about the causes and consequences of dog overweight and use our expert tips and dog diet plan to help your dog lose weight in a healthy way.

Cause - Follow - Help

Recognize overweight

If you can guess the last two pairs of ribs or feel them without pressure, you can assume that your dog has ideal weight. However, if you have to push to feel the ribs, you should assume that your dog is overweight. One speaks of overweight, if the dog differs by more than 10% of usual breed weight. If he deviates more than 20% from his typical weight, it is called obesity.Ask yourself again and again: How much does my dog ​​really get in between? Often the energy content of snacks is underestimated. Those who realistically assess the rations will be more successful in the dog diet. Estimate the daily exercise realistically: For example, for a medium sized dog, daily exercise for a total of 2 hours is a normal activity level. As you increase your daily movement, this is already the first step in the right direction.

Cause of overweight

If the dog consumes more energy (calories) over a longer period than it consumes, this excess energy is converted into body fat and obesity develops. The causes are:

  • Too little movement
  • too many dog ​​biscuits
  • too big meals
  • to substantial snacks
  • to rich dog food

In addition, especially neutered dogs and older dogs tend to be overweight, which can be explained by altered hormone balance and declining activity.

Consequences of overweight

Overweight dogs often have discomfort and literally suffer from serious illnesses:

  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • difficulty breathing
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • early joint wear
  • lower quality of life
  • lower life expectancy

First aid for overweight

  • Exclude previous illnessAsk veterinarian for help and exclude any pre-existing conditions

  • Learn to Say NoThis could be the biggest proof of love for your dog if he demands too much dog food or dog biscuits 
  • Reduction of foodThe daily energy intake should be checked realistically and significantly reduced 
  • Taking care of snacksA treat in between is often more substantial than the daily requirement of a dog, so you should pay special attention here 
  • Increase movementEvery step makes you lean. Increase the daily exercise gradually but significantly 
  • Special Diet Dog FoodHigh quality diet dog food like Meradog's is high in fiber and helps you lose weight without starving 
  • Feeding through search gamesThis can encourage your dog to move more. Sprinkle the dried food on the lawn in the garden or hide the croquettes throughout the apartment. Her dog moves in the search and also strains his nose. Maybe your dog will enjoy it so much that you can even have the entire feed ration worked out through search or retrieval games

Dog diet without starving

Before the dog diet

Even if pre-existing conditions were excluded, the dog diet should be accompanied by the veterinarian, especially in case of severe obesity. Optimal results can be achieved and possible medications for weight loss adjusted.

Beginning of the dog diet

It is possible to start a dog diet without the dog having to go hungry. With calorie-restricted diet dog food, you can provide your dog with a well-balanced and calorie-conscious diet with a long-lasting satiety.


Ideal diet to find dog food

Selection of diet dog food

The extensive Meradog pure and Meradog care product range offers first-class dog food for the special needs of overweight or overweight-prone dogs. All nutrients in this dog food are sized so that there is no shortage in the long term. We recommend the wheat-free Meradog care light diet food. As a gluten-free alternative, we recommend the Meradog pure salmon & rice. We also offer reduced calorie dog biscuits to reward your dog with a clear conscience.

Special features of the diet products

Meradog care light diet dog food

This wheat-free dog dry food is specially designed for weight loss. The fat content (8%) is reduced to save energy, while the protein content (25%) is high enough to build up or maintain the muscles. Because muscles burn fat and the more muscle your animal has, the higher the dog's general basal metabolic rate. In addition, many fibers are processed that saturate without supplying additional energy. Your dog will lose weight without starving. The contained L-carnitine additionally promotes fat burning.

Diet dog biscuits

The Meradog dog biscuits are the perfect complement to a diet for dogs and are pure goody snacks. These gluten-free or cereal-free dog biscuits are calorie-reduced and allow you to reward your dog with dog biscuits even during the dog diet. Note, however, that snacks should only cover a maximum of 10% of the daily requirement and must be deducted from the main feed.

Dog diet plan with Meradog care

Below we give you an exact recommendation on what the ideal dog diet plan with Meradog Diet Food can look like:

Weight reduction with wheat-free Meradog care light diet food:

Weight reduction - amount of feed per day for Meradog care light
Weight, kg351015203040506070
Grams / day5575125170210285335420480540

Weight maintenance with wheat-free Meradog care light diet food:

You can feed the Meradog care light dog food on a long-term basis, since all nutrients are designed so that there is no shortage in the long term. If the dog has reached the ideal weight, you can increase the feed ration slightly as follows:

Weight Consumption - Feed amount per day for Meradog care light

Weight, kg351015203040506070

Grams / day6595160215265355440520600670

Tips for the success of the dog diet

Take the test - how successful is the dog diet?

  • Weigh your dog regularly and log the weight history weekly
  • You are also welcome to take measurements to record the altered abdominal girth. Remember: Muscles are heavier than fat!
  • There may be a blood test before the dog diet. Ask your veterinarian if blood levels have improved.


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